Xbox 720 and Surface X Tablet to Bring New Microsoft Ecosystem for Gamers

Xbox 720 and Surface X Tablet to Bring New Microsoft Ecosystem for GamersRumors are gathering pace as to what we can expect from the Microsoft Xbox 720, along with when we’re likely to be given that all-important release date. According to a swathe of new reports there is so much more to get excited about this time around, as the Xbox 720 is apparently destined to function as the central-hub of an all-new Microsoft ecosystem, comprised of various future devices carrying the “X” branding.

And we’re being told this week that the first of said “X” devices could prove to be none other than the X-Surface tablet – a gaming oriented version of the Microsoft Surface tablet with a 7-inch screen and a more agreeable price tag.

Reports posted over the last couple of days by Pocket-Lint have suggested that when the X Surface Tablet is released later this year, it will not in fact be a Windows RT or Windows 8 based tablet PC in the conventional sense. Instead, it will be a stand-alone games console in its own right, which will offer extensive compatibility with the upcoming Xbox 720 and various other pieces of hardware earmarked for the Microsoft X moniker.

As such, it will be created with its own unique firmware which will in no way represent a full-scale desktop OS, with every inch of power and potential being focused on high-end gaming.

Despite having not yet been announced in terms of specs, features, release date or even existence, rumor has it that the Microsoft X Surface could have sufficient grunt under the hood to cope with 60FPS Unreal Engine 3 games.

Back with the Xbox 720 itself, most of the leaks making their way out of the industry in terms of specs and features are suspected to be largely on the money. Most have already accepted that AMD is working with Microsoft to create the most stunning and capable graphics engine and octa-core CPU to date.

No however, further insights have upped the ante by suggesting that rather than eight cores running at 1.6GHz each, they will in fact be clocked at 1.9GHz.

Expect an official unveiling or announcement of the Xbox 760 from Microsoft toward the end of the summer, with a release date to follow in time to capitalize on holiday season sales.