Surface Pro Tablet Earns Further Negative Reviews Ahead of Friday’s Release Date

Surface Pro Tablet Earns Further Negative Reviews Ahead of Friday’s Release DateMicrosoft has spent much of this week letting the eager-beavers of the US get their hands on the Surface Pro Tablet ahead of its official release date this coming Friday. However, rather than stirring up excitement and putting a host of demons to rest, the Surface Pro is instead attracting largely negative reviews and further criticism – not the ideal pace-setter for this Friday’s festivities.

The Surface Pro Tablet packs Ultrabook specs and features, running a full-fat version of Windows 8 and generally redefining what power and productivity mean in the world of tablet computing. Microsoft’s primary goal is to appeal to corporate and business markets, where such devices have the potential to fit in easily with existing ecosystems and essentially deliver the best of all worlds.

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Sadly however, the Surface Pro wasn’t really given the best start in life by the poor performing Surface RT Tablet last year and things aren’t looking any more promising this time around. Reviewers and critics by the dozen are pointing out that more powerful as it may be, the Surface Pro is bigger, heavier and massively more expensive than its sibling.

Worse still, a bewildering 40% or so of the 64GB or 128GB storage space is swallowed up by Windows 8 and bloat ware, meaning that one of the Surface Pro’s primary appealing factors has just been easily trumped by the 128GB iPad – which also happens to be $200 cheaper than the equivalent Surface Pro.

While keeping everything as fair and balanced as possible, reviewers and bloggers have this week been praising the raw capabilities of the Surface Pro, but cannot fathom its overall appeal due to being too heavy, too expensive, too dependent on it power cable and not as good as a standard Ultrabook PC that can be picked up for much cheaper.

It’s also been suggested that the smaller screen and aspect ratio makes the Surface Pro pretty limited in terms of high-level productivity, leaving Microsoft once again with so much to prove when the release date event kicks off at midnight Thursday.