Nexus Watch to Steal Spotlight at Google I/O 2013? – Android 5.0, Nexus 5 Delayed

Nexus Watch to Steal Spotlight at Google I/O 2013? – Android 5.0, Nexus 5 DelayedCould the fabled Google Nexus Watch make a surprise appearance as the star of the show at I/O 2013 later this month?

The race for Smartwatch fame and glory is well and truly on, with some of the biggest names in the business having already confirmed or at least hinted their interest in the field. From Samsung to Apple to Microsoft and right back through to Google, analysts speak of a multi-billion dollar industry that’s out there for the taking…and will be gobbled up by the victors pretty soon.

So back with the Google Nexus Watch, there’s plenty of talk floating round right now suggesting that both Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and the Google Nexus 5 Smartphone are facing severe release date delays and will not be ready for the company’s I/O event later this month. This could therefore leave a pretty glaring gap which although might be filled at least in part by more Google Glass revelations, it’s not implausible that the Nexus Watch itself might make an appearance…even if only in prototype form.

Recent history has reminded us all that rushing a product to the market can be tantamount to business suicide, but in this instance whoever gets there first stands a pretty good chance of reaping the rewards. The technology is to a large extent brand-new and unexplored, meaning that with no yardstick to go by the first new-generation Smartwatch out of the gate will set the standard and make history.

And with Apple’s iWatch apparently ruled out until the mid-stages of 2014 at the earliest, there’s really never been a better time for Google to get a foot-in with the Nexus Watch and make the most of the gap in the market.