Motorola Nexus X with Android Key Lime Pie Dubbed the Game-Changer of 2013

Motorola Nexus X with Android Key Lime Pie Dubbed the Game-Changer of 2013Will the Motorola Nexus X release date herald the arrival Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie?

Motorola is currently lurking in a deep and dark realm at the back of the Smartphone market, forcing the masses to wait patiently to find out what on Earth they’ve got up their sleeve for 2013 and beyond. In fact, we’ve heard next to nothing form Motorola since being taken over by Google last year, but if stirrings in the rumor-mill are to be believed, we’re not long from finding out just what’s taken the newly bonded couple so long to bear its first child.

Until recently, LG and Samsung were the two seemingly most obvious contenders for Nexus glory next time around, in accordance with Google’s prior support focus and ongoing promises not to offer special treatment to Motorola. However, new reports have come to light which suggest that Google has indeed been working long and hard with Motorola on an epic new “game-changing” device that’s expected to make its first outing at Google’s I/O event in May.

If Google has decided to break its promise not to offer special favor to Motorola…which by rights is probably the case…chances are that the consumer public will be in for one serious new arrival this summer. According to Droid Life, a Google Nexus X or Motorola Nexus X would follow suit with previous Nexus launches by way of a price-tag that barely covers assembly costs.

Roughly translated, the unlocked Nexus X could be released for no more than $299 contract-free.

The courtship endeavor makes perfect sense as both parties have something to prove. Motorola needs to rise from the ashes with a biblical new Smartphone and Google needs to make sure it’s latest and greatest Key Lime Pie build of Android is shown off to its full potential. As such, for Google’s fingerprints NOT to be all over the Nexus X would be frankly absurd

With regard to specs and features, those pegging the Nexus X as a game-changer are suggesting it could pack a 2GB quad-core processor, at least 2GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel rear camera, up to 128GB of storage and that soon-to-be-legendary Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie operating system at the helm.