Mortgage Interest Rates Up at Wells Fargo Friday Dec 27

Mortgage Interest Rates Up at Wells Fargo Friday Dec 27Standard 30 year loan interest rates are on the books at 4.875% at Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) yielding an APR of 5.144%.  The typically lower FHA 30 year mortgage interest rates can be had for 4.500% yielding an APR of 5.746%.  15 year FRMs start at 4.000% today carrying an APR of 4.344%.  

As far as ARMs go, 5 year interest rates can be had for 3.625% at Wells with a starting APR of 3.371% which will change as interest rates adjust.  The 5/1 FHA ARM loans are being offered for 3.250%  with an APR of 3.718%.  

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Latest Refinance Mortgage Rates

Standard 30 year refinance FRM interest rates are available starting at 4.75% at Wells carrying an APR of 4.837% today.  The best 30 year refinance FHA loan deals at the bank are published at 4.5% today and an APR of 6.09%.  The typically higher interest jumbo 30 year refinance mortgage interest rates at the bank are being quoted at 4.5% and an APR of 4.528% today.  

Large (in eligible areas) 30 year refinance FRMs are 4.75%  and an APR of 4.793%.  

Large (in eligible areas) 30 year FHA refinance loans are being quoted at 4.625%  and APR of 6.168%.  

15 year refinance loan interest rates have been published at 3.875% and APR of 4.023% today.  5/1 ARM interest rates at Wells Fargo are 3.5%. carrying an APR of 3.171%.  The 5 year refi Adjustable Rate Mortgages  are available starting at 3.25% and APR of 3.968%.  5/1 refi Jumbo ARMs  are coming out at 3.125% showing an APR of 2.987%.  Large 30 year refinance ARMs stand at 3.75%  and APR of 3.219%.  

Mortgage interest rates sometimes move with MBS’s that follow stock market motions.  

Market and Mortgages

Stock markets went down in today’s trading leaving the DJIA at 15,337.70 up -0.73%.  

Today’s rates at the bank did not move along with the DJIA.  More specifically, the banks stock moved higher to 43.06 up +0.07.