Microsoft Surface Pro – A Case of Pros, Cons and Inescapable Buts

Microsoft Surface Pro – A Case of Pros, Cons and Inescapable ButsThis week heralds the long-awaited arrival of the Microsoft Surface Pro release date – the high-end tablet PC that’s become the most talked about and debate device in recent history.

As of this Saturday, the Surface Pro will be officially available for purchase in the US, with the 64GB and 128GB versions coming in at $899 and $999 respectively. Various other markets are expected to follow suit pretty closely afterwards, though Microsoft has so far only confirmed that its “phased approach” in terms of release will continue for some months to come.

On the Surface…pun very much intended…the Pro version looks pretty much identical to the Surface RT. However, under the hood lie the kind of specs and features you’d be more likely to expect from a decent Ultrabook PC. It’s fast, it’s powerful, it’s bright and it’s versatile, but there are also some huge downsides and it seems as though ‘but’ has become the operative word with pretty much every review popping up prior to its release.

Given the price-tag of near $1,000, this is a device that should basically have the critics singing its praises and trying desperately to pick fault with the smallest of insignificant details. Sadly however this is far from the case and when the impressive nature of the Surface Pro’s specs and features are put into context, the pros and cons are evenly balanced at best, if not slightly out of favor for the table.

For example, we’re told that Surface Pro packs a massive wallop in terms of performance, BUT at an excessive price. The Surface Pro proves that there is still huge demand for full PC functionality, BUT Ultrabook PCs are more powerful and cheaper. The Surface Pro package is unlike any other on the market, BUT it doesn’t seem to have much of a market to target.

Or more commonly still, the Surface Pro is impressive, BUT not impressive enough to win over the masses into buying one.

It’s beginning to look a little like an experiment that’s gone wrong – Microsoft have pushed the envelope with a tablet PC that pretty much wipes the floor with the industry in terms of power, but somewhere along the line forget that they’re actually supposed to sell the things at some point.

Time will tell, but the buts continue…