Leaked Images Feature iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 Internal Components

Leaked Images Feature iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 Internal Components For some of the more tech-savvy Apple devotees out there, the only thing better than an iPhone 6 release date rumor or indeed a mockup of the device is a leaked image of those juicy internal components. Well, today would appear to bring good news for all those who qualify for such a title, as new photos of what are alleged to be vital parts of the iPhone 5S and/or iPhone 6 have just emerged.

In this instance, the images come courtesy of Nowherelse.fr – a French blog that has earned significant credibility after having published various iPhone component leaks in the past which went on to be proved accurate and genuine. Today sees the site giving us what could therefore by our very first look at some of the components to be used for the speakers in both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6.

In addition, the source responsible for the images stated that the first of Apple’s new iPhones for 2013 – i.e. the iPhone 5S – would launch most likely in Q2, while the iPhone 6 release date will in all likelihood come about during late Q3 or early Q4.

Apple has of course remained mum on both alleged 2013 iPhones and is yet to comment on the existence of either.

The iPhone 5S in particular has captured the imagination of critics and consumers alike – most of whom are united in their concerns. The consensus seems to be that Apple is unlikely to once again get away with offering a ‘new’ iPhone which is in fact nothing more than a modest revamp of the existing model, given the way in which Android rivals are consistently breaking the mold launch after launch.

However, such fears are contradicted by those who remain adamant that the iPhone 5S will in fact be none other than the affordable iPhone so many have been waiting for. They state that costs will be kept to an absolute minimum by use of a most plastic case, removal of the 4G LTE antenna and keeping the same internal component makeup as the existing iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.