iPad Mini 2 Launch in Two Flavors – One With a Price Under $200

iPad Mini 2 Launch in Two Flavors – One With a Price Under $200 Is Apple’s iPad Mini 2 destined to launch in several distinct and decidedly pocket-friendly flavors?

For all intents and purposes, the iPad Mini would have been a flawless device has it only featured a Retina panel and a slightly more agreeable entry-level price tag. Instead, it wasn’t up to par with its rivals in terms of performance and nor was it the most affordable option on the market – factors that cannot fail to have hurt its sales performance.

However, rumors are rife this week that Apple has learned a few important lessons from its first entry to the smaller tablet PC market and will not be making the same mistakes second time around.

According to a series of new reports from all over the global tech community, the iPad Mini 2 will launch in more than one configuration – one of which being a truly entry-level version with a price lower than $250. And rather than eliminating pretty much every shred of appeal by chipping away at hardware, it’s also rumored that specs and features have been upped cross the board and will include the much-needed Retina panel.

The above has apparently been made possible due to Apple’s research into and sourcing of considerable more affordable components.

This change is attributed to Apple’s shift toward more inexpensive products.

The suggestion was also backed be recent comments from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who during the firm’s latest earnings call said that “We are managing the business for the long term and are willing to trade off short-term profits where we see long-term potential.”

Should all of the above pan out, the question remains as to what will become of the existing iPad Mini and what Apple with deliver with the alternative, premium version of the iPad Mini 2.

In the case of the outgoing model, there’s every chance of sweeping price cuts being applied to take it below the $200 mark, which could give the likes of the Google Nexus 7 a serious run for its money.

The iPad Mini 2 is expected to debut at Apple’s WWDC 2013 developer’s conference next month, following by a launch in mid-September or early October.