Eight-Sided Motorola Nexus X to Launch this Summer? – Quirky Patent Awarded

Eight-Sided Motorola Nexus X to Launch this Summer? – Quirky Patent AwardedMotorola Mobility will announce a top-tier Smartphone release date sometime this year, which could take the form of the X Phone, the Nexus X or something entirely unrelated to the Nexus range. It’s really a given you can take to the bank – Motorola has been largely silent since being taken over by Google last summer and the chances of another year rolling by with nothing big to bring to the table are zero.

After all, we’re not the only ones pining for the days when the likes of the Motorola Droid Bionic had us salivating at the very mention of a release date.

Another given of course is the fact that whatever Motorola does decide to launch this year, it needs to wow us in a big way. It’s almost like they’re making their debut to the market all over again, as they’ve been missing from the upper-echelons for so long most have forgotten they existed.

So here’s one rumor to chew over – what if Motorola were to introduce the world to its first range of eight-sided Smartphones?

It all sounds rather silly on the surface, but Motorola has just this week won a patent application for octagon-shaped Smartphone. Exactly how this will manifest into a device remains to be seen, but what’s very clear is the way in which Motorola is not only thinking well and truly outside the box this time round, but has no intention of facing the same bizarre patent infringement squabbles as Apple and Samsung are usually embroiled in.

Chances are the Motorola X Phone – or whatever you want to call it – won’t launch as a full-on octagon, but could by rights be eight-sided with smaller sides toward the corners rounded off to an almost curved finish.

But then again as with the rest of the possible specs and features, it’s all a game of pure speculation and rumor-mongering right now as Motorola has yet to confirm that it has anything in the pipeline, let alone share its projected release date and price.