Bank of America Mortgage Rates at 4.625% for the 30 Year Loan

30 year FRM interest rates have been listed at 4.625% at Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) today carrying an APR of 4.735%.  Popular 15 year fixed rate mortgages at the bank are on the books at 4.000% and APR of 4.200%.

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The 5/1 ARM interest rates are coming out at 4.500% at BoA carrying an APR of 3.678%.  The 7 year ARM loans can be had for 4.375%  with an APR of 3.758%.  The 10 year ARM interest rates have been published at 4.375% today and APR of 3.951%.

30 year refinance loan interest rates are coming out at 4.750% at BoA and APR of 4.847% today.  15 year refinance fixed rate loan interest rates are being offered for 3.875% today with an APR of 4.045%.  The 5/1 ARM loans are coming out at 4.000% at BoA. and APR of 3.453%.  ARM interest rates in the 7 year refinance category are published at 4.000%  and the APR is 3.565%.  10/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgages have been offered at 4.250% currently with an APR of 3.862%.

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