Apple’s iRadio Beaten to the Punch by Google Play Music – “Radio Without Rules”

Apple’s iRadio Beaten to the Punch by Google Play Music – “Radio Without Rules”Chalk one up for Google – Apple’s iRadio has been pipped at the post be the newly-unveiled streaming music service which debuted yesterday at Google I/O 2013. Described by the team behind it as “Radio Without Rules” Google Play Music has been built around the idea of discovering new music.

The service will allow subscribers to select single tracks from the near-endless archive on offer, which will then prompt Google to suggest full playlists of similar material or radio stations appropriate for the tastes of the listener. The Android-exclusive service is set to launch first in the US, but will eventually roll out across the rest of the world’s key markets.

“You can create a radio station from any song or artist you love, browse recommendations from our expert music team or explore by genre. And when millions of songs just aren’t enough, Google Play Music lets you combine our collection with your own collection. You can store 20,000 songs for free in the cloud and listen to them alongside the All Access catalog,” Google’s Hugo Barra wrote on the official Android blog.

Google is offering the service with a one-month free introductory offer, after which a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 becomes payable.

The news comes shortly after reports came to light suggesting that Apple’s own iRadio streaming music service had hit an obstacle in the form of Sony Music demanding more royalties than Apple was willing to hand over. iRadio is widely expected to become one of the key selling points of Apple’s new iOS 7 mobile operating system scheduled for a June unveiling, though chances are Google’s Play Music service announcement will have taken a great deal of the luster away from Apple’s efforts.