Amazon Kindle Fire 3 Release Date Tipped for November – Bundled with the Kindle Phone?

Amazon Kindle Fire 3 Release Date Tipped for November – Bundled with the Kindle Phone? Good news for those unhappy that we were never in fact graced with an official Amazon Kindle Fire 2 – word on the street says the Kindle Fire 3 release date has already been penciled in for the early winter.

According to new reports surfacing from the Chinese press, orders have already been placed for mass production of the Amazon Kindle Fire 3, which will reportedly be first release in a limited wave followed by a full global rollout in the early stages of next year. The estimates would of course seem to tie in just nicely with previous Kindle Fire launches – both of which took place close to the Holiday buying season.

Amazon has yet to announce any specific details as to the specs, features or even the existence of the Kindle Fire 3, though the rumor-mill is generally filling in the gaps quite nicely. According to those with a penchant for educated guesswork, the Kindle Fire 3 will take the current model to the next level and beyond, sporting a sleeker and slimmer frame, vastly improved battery life, faster processor and a brand-new build of Google’s Android OS exclusive to the new Kindle Fire.

There is also talk of a top-tier camera sensor house to the rear of the Kindle Fire 3 and larger storage capacities that currently available.

Talk of the Kindle Fire 3 joins ongoing chatter that Amazon is gearing up to launch the first Kindle Phone at some point this year – the two devices could very well share the same release date. Unsurprisingly, the Kindle Smartphone is expected to land as something of a miniature clone of the Kindle Fire 3, running the same tweaked version of Android and serving as a portal through which to make use of the Amazon Content Library and App Stores.

Some have even gone so far as to suggest that the Kindle Fire 3 and Kindle Phone could be offered as a joint bundle for a staggeringly low price, making the mother of all stocking-stuffers for Christmas 2013.