5-inch iPhablet Hybrid Added to Bizarre Release Date Roadmap for Apple

5-inch iPhablet Hybrid Added to Bizarre Release Date Roadmap for AppleWow…this week in iPhone and iPad rumors has been a busy one, even by usual standards.

If you can keep up with the rumors flying around about what’s the ‘next big thing(s)’ to come from Apple then you’re a better (and busier) man than I am.  It’s fair to say that these rumors (and their counterparts – the truth) may well be fuelled by the tough competition Apple has been facing in recent times from its archrival, Japanese smartphone giant Samsung.

The iPhone always faced intense competition from the other market leaders in relation to smartphones and tablets bur Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 have most definitely been the hottest competition.  One of the key factors that Apple will probably have taken note of is that the success of the Galaxy S3 smartphone is most likely directly related to the consumer’s desire for a bigger touchscreen display.

So, not surprisingly, one of the more credible rumors flying around is that Apple is working on an iPhone with a display screen in excess of four inches.  The rumors seem to suggest this would be some kind of phone/tablet hybrid; aptly named the iPhablet.

Added to the existing rumors, this would mean that there are four potential new devices ready to come flying off Apple’s manufacturing lines; the new iPhablet, the new iPad mini (with a larger build and Retina display), the ‘cheaper’ iPhone for budget conscious consumers and the hotly anticipated new iPhone 5S/iPhone 6.  They must be pretty busy.

It does all make for perfect sense if looked at in relation to Apple’s competition.  We’ve already mentioned the seemingly preferable larger screen smartphones but what about other market competitors?

The former Research In Motion (RIM) has recently unveiled the new BlackBerry BBZ10 and is gearing up to release it’s almost twin-brother, the BBQ10 that comes with the ever-user friendly QWERTY ketboard.  RIM’s devices have always proved popular in industry as a direct result of their data security measures.

It remains to be seen whether Apple can continue to hold court in this difficult and ever-changing market.