2014 GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado Vs Toyota Tacoma – GM Confirms New Trucks

2014 GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado Vs Toyota Tacoma – GM Confirms New TrucksThe Toyota Tacoma better watch its back – there’s a new range of GM pickups coming to get you!

General Motors has confirmed its intention to launch a brand-new range of mid-size pickups, with the kind of comfort, performance and fuel-economy needed to stick it to the Toyota Tacoma, the current market leader. According to GM US President Mark Reuss, the new pickups will take the place of the rather dated GMC Canyon and the Chevrolet Colorado with new versions of both, offering up to 95% of the practicality of a full-size truck in a decidedly mid-size package.

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Smaller and mid-size pickup sales hit a serious trough over the past couple of years, when businesses by the thousand slashed their budgets to cope with the recession. The Ford Ranger for example was one of the casualties of the slump, which was retired at the end of 2011 to make more space for the larger F-150 to do its stuff.

Sales have however started to pick up once again as the nation’s economy as a whole shows slow but steady signs of improvement.

As far as target markets go, the new GMC Canyon is gunning for those with general functionality and work purposes in mind. By contrast, the new Chevrolet Colorado has been pegged as more of a “lifestyle” truck which will be gunning for a younger, active and outdoors crowd with the need to transport sporting and recreation gear.

The pair will also be heavily customizable, according to Reuss.

“We’re targeting a new generation of buyer with a new truck,” said the exec.

Further details including release date schedules and price options are yet to be confirmed, but GM has stated that both the new trucks will offer serious improvements to gas mileage and hit the market sometime next year.